Chocolate robots competed for the fourth time

robot_chocoJapan’s largest producer of chocolate company TIROL-CHOCO conducted the fourth annual competition of robots. The competitions were held in the office in Tokyo on the eve of Valentine’s Day, which seems quite remarkable, since chocolate is in Japan one of the most popular gifts on the day lyublennyh.

For the first time robots in the form of chocolates TIROL-CHOCO – and this is one of the main conditions of participation – have battled among themselves in 2007. In a close resemblance to the popular delicacy in Japan, robots must move on two legs, which set in motion not more than four miniature motors. The total number of motors in the robot is not limited. The creators also given free choice of ways to control the robot. Competitions were held in three categories.

Robots were required to undergo two-meter distance of no more than 5 minutes. The second category – to “shoot” and knock down plastic cups, which are candy TIROL-CHOCO. Third – carrying heavy loads, ie candy, who uploaded the participants in the competition another robot.

Participated in the competition, six robots. Most of all points scored in the voting robot ‘Fuga’, manufactured in the company Igaa. Second place in the robot Chocon-4 from the company Kenta. The third was a robot BT-R.

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