Shop robots Toshiba

guidance-robot2Toshiba and its “daughter» Toshibatec developed robots to assist elderly people. Robots have been demonstrated during the conference ROBOMEC 2009 (Robotics Mechatronics Conference).

A pair of robots: a robot-guide “(” Guidance robot “) can refer you to the cashier or to specific products, and” robot-basket “(” Cart robot “) will do for you buy in a store. Using a system of 10 cameras around the store, “a robot-guide” can localize and maintain a map store, see the passages, and find the best way to store, as well as to avoid collisions with objects and other buyers.

“Robot-guide” has a camera on top of its “head”, as well as stereo cameras ahead, ultrasonic sensors and laser rangefinder. Customers can register with the robot with a touch screen, a robot will write itself into memory using stereokameram your individual look. This allows the robot to follow a specific person even in a crowded store. Touchscreen robot can also provide information about products and special promotions in store. By the way, it allows you to collect marketing information at the request of customers.

“Robot-basket” is equipped with ultrasonic sensors and laser range finder, with which he follows the other robot. This robot can carry loads up to 10 kg. The robot can pass through the “point of sale, which will be scanned RFID-tags for each product in your cart: No more waiting in the queue at the box office. In addition, robot-basket “may come to take your car to buy.
Both the robot safely avoid obstacles and potential collisions when they move, uchtityvaya its speed and the speed of other objects.

Toshiba is developing these robots, the project NEDO’s “(The new generation of robot technology,” Next Generation Robot Technology Development “), being part of this project has been frozen. However, Toshiba is planning to develop the project further.