SCARA by Arnd Kobus

060419_scara_lgThe experimental SCARA (Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm) Robot ressemblesan industrial robot, but is a lot smaller and less precise. The mechanics consist of one linear and three rotational axes, with the rotational axes oriented vertically,so that gravitation has no effect on these axes. The working space is 410mm indiameter and 128mm high, with an position accuracy of 0.5mm. The robot will becapable of handling 0.8Kg and will have a position cycle of 1.4s.The measurement system uses incremental encoders which are read by software running
on an 8051 compatible Dallas ds80C320 running at 24MHz, which also generates PWM

pulses for the motors (Mabuchi 540 class). The PWM frequency is with 300Hz quite low, that is – audible.The work on mechanics and electronic hardware is done. There are some bugs in the  software, which apart from the bugs is not complete yet. Im am working on this for about two years, including documentation, but mostly because I got no time for it. The cost including electronics is about 550$.