Spielberg serves us a fight against spam in Robopocalypse

Spielberg serves us a fight against spam in RobopocalypseOne wonders if this guy has a life … Steven Spielberg, the famous American film producer and is currently filming with Peter Jackson, a film whose hero, our friend the Belgian Tintin first episode entitled “The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn, “Starring Jamie Bell and Gad Elmaleh, a release planned for the end of 2011. This film will be based on the three albums” The Crab with the Golden Claws “,” The Secret of the Unicorn “and” The Red Rackham’s Treasure. “And only the first episode of a trilogy. He also works on other projects such as a biopic on Abraham Lincoln and an adaptation of the books “39 Clues”.

And now we are told that Steven adds to its list a new film about robots, A theme he has already served in the superb “AI (Artificial Intelligence)” for example. But this time, robots are no longer nice things to “ET the Extra-Terrestrial”, but the film revolves around the even apocalyptic theme that “Terminator Salvation”. Indeed, Steven Spielberg, tackles theadaptation of the novel “Robocopalypse” (Whose writing is not even over yet) by Daniel H. Wilson. This is Drew Goddard, the screenwriter of “Cloverfield” and the series “Lost” which focuses on the screenplay, and it appears to have already well advanced.

The author of the novel is already well known foruality of knowledge about robotics, As he has studied this subject as well as artificial intelligence. But we also know through his writings as his novel “How to Build a Robot Army: Tips to defend Earth from aliens, ninjas and zombies” that knows how to handle humor. We can expect an explosive mixture.

The novel, like the saga, “Terminator” or “Matrix”, takes its theme the struggle between humans who survive in a post-apocalyptic robots that have decided to take power. The film is extremely realistic wish.

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