Robonova humanoid robot 1 for all audiences.

Robonova-15Robonova 1 is a new concept of robot that allows you to mount and control a humanoid robot as only he could do so far in advanced centers and research laboratories. Using the software included in the kit even beginners can easily fill the robot life. If you do not know anything about robots, you can start with this model and start making things more complex, as you gain expertise and practical. Continue reading

Spielberg serves us a fight against spam in Robopocalypse

Spielberg serves us a fight against spam in RobopocalypseOne wonders if this guy has a life … Steven Spielberg, the famous American film producer and is currently filming with Peter Jackson, a film whose hero, our friend the Belgian Tintin first episode entitled “The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn, “Starring Jamie Bell and Gad Elmaleh, a release planned for the end of 2011. Continue reading