MIRO / KineMedic

robotThe DLR MIRO is the second generation of versatile robot arms for surgical applications, developed at the Institute for Robotics and Mechatronics. With its low weight of 10 kg and dimensions similar to those of the human arm, the MIRO robot can assist the surgeon directly at the operating table where space is sparse. The planned scope of applications of this robot arm ranges from guiding a laser unit for the precise separation of bone tissue in orthopaedics to setting holes for bone screws, robot-assisted endoscope guidance and on to the multi-robot concept for (endoscopic) minimal invasive surgery. Continue reading

Mobile Humanoid „Rollin’ Justin“

robotIn the future humanoid robots are envisioned in household applications as well as in space environments. The capability to carry out complex manipulation tasks is a key issue. For its achievement the development of robust control strategies and intelligent manipulation planners for dual handed manipulation is currently a matter of active research in the robotics community. Continue reading

High dynamic performance humanoid robot

robotRobovieM is a small humanoid robot capable of bipedal locomotion, robot researchers aspire to College or University (Graduate) students and robotics researchers, the materials were developed for building engineers.
Hardware portion VSTONE OmniHead Corporation has developed a humanoid robot based, there is a small 22 degree freedom, “the rising backlash (MPEG 1MB)” has the world’s leading performance and movement. Continue reading

Humanoid robot “Saya” the teacher

robotHumanoid robot “Saya” On September 7, appeared in the role of elementary school teacher in Tokyo, spoke to their children. Teacher spreads show a different face, is a happy child who had been so such a soft touch finger on the cheek. Saya is a laboratory was developed by Professor Hiroshi Kobayashi of Tokyo University Continue reading