Sony returns his jacket and gives the brain of the robot in science October, Sony accused of hacking those programs changed its Aibo robot dog. Today, the Japanese giant announced it will enter the public domain software who run the head of its creature. The Japanese group has made a big decision about his famous cyber pet, Aibo: June 3 next year, it will publish on its website details of the software Open-R, which allows you to program the robot’s behavior. In addition, Sony will offer free software development called Open-R SDK. Fans of small electronic dog can program in C and new attitudes to their “beast”. Last October, Sony had attracted the wrath of some owners who, for the price of a specimen (between 1,100 and 2,200 euros), believed to have the right to reprogram their faithful friend. At the time, the multinational had demanded that a passionate cut programs unofficial its website ( they were able to modify the reactions of the robot, even though Sony can not master the objective ( read our (current).