Lego robot solves the puzzle

robot5Swedish programmer, Hans Andersson, used Lego Mindstorms NXT kit to develop a robot that can solve Sudoku Puzzles (Sudoko).

The robot uses an optical sensor to scan the puzzle. First performs a quick scan to determine which cells are empty. There have been empty squares and figures, then the robot moves slowly forward for scanning a new line. Continue reading


corobot_Upgrade_3Pretty Hate Machine’s offensive saws stalled while chewing on Ziggy’s metal armor. Being standard (hand-pull) gas-powered weed eater motors, they could not be restarted during the match. Jon Ridder’s Ziggy was fortunate not to have turned off.TIP: Other bots also lost controls in the ring. If your bot doesn’t restart its own functions, then put those features onto RC control. (Personally, I’d like more bots to use proprioception. That is, where the robot senses what’s happening to itself.) Continue reading

Robot solve Rubik’s Cube

A robot called Cube-Kun debuted earlier this month at the TEPIA exhibition in Tokyo. His sole purpose? To solve Rubix Cubes within seconds. He has a giant flat screen for a face. When you give him a Cube, he quickly registers what the six sides look like, displays that on his screen, and then figures out a solution in approximately one second. Then his hands get to work. Created by Kawasaki Heavy Industries.


A puzzle-solving robot is set to take visitors to the British Toy Fair back to the future.