robots also feel pain

SimroA Japanese company offers a humanoid robot for training future dentists.
Getting treatment for a bunt is never a pleasant thing for anyone and the dentist must be taken into account in improving its technical intervention to relieve his patients, including those for which the rumble of the famous strawberry gives sweats cold.
In order to train future dentists to treat properly cavities while guaranteeing a minimum of pain for patients, the Japanese company Kokoro created a robot named Simroid. Presented on Wednesday in Tokyo, Japan, it is a humanoid robot in the form of a woman measuring 1.60 metres, with long hair and was wearing a pink sweater and pants white. If it badly during the intervention, Simroid can verbally express his pain or froncant eyebrows like a real patient. A sensor was also placed on the chest of the robot, to detect any gesture displaced students. Continue reading