Breast Augmentation

The breast size may decrease due to childbirth or significant weight loss. There are also women who have small breasts, due to a lack of tissue (hypoplasia). Many women opt for breast augmentation or breast wound because they are not happy in the volume or shape of their breasts. It is a very personal decision that leads to drastic consequences.

The breasts are composed of fatty tissue, glandular tissue, blood vessels, nerves, ducts and lymph nodes, but they contain no muscle tissue. That is why the exercises did not work back and augmentative. You cannot enhance your breasts or increase the volume of your breasts by exercise or ointments. On the other hand, hormone therapy is not recommended because of its severe side effects. Only breast augmentation ensures a beautiful and effective results.

During the first consultation, the Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons shall explain the benefits and risks of breast augmentation and he listens to your motivations. Moreover, it presents the different types of breast implants, since they vary depending on the filling, shape, size and type of surface. To achieve the desired result, the Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons you asked about your medical history and evaluate your physical condition. Thus, the surgeon seeks all with you the best solution to guarantee a satisfactory result.

Thanks to a well executed that meets the rigorous principles of surgery and with Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons help, you can get within a flexible, in most cases will look very natural.