Mechanical Design of Humanoids

robotThis paper presents the modeling and the design of the HYDROïD (HYdraulic anDROïD) humanoid robot. Our motivation related to the increase of understanding of human being locomotion and manipulation tasks achievement leads us to focus on the kinematical structure and the actuation aspects. The first part of this paper deals with a research work aimed to develop a new generation of three degrees of freedom (DOF) Continue reading

The motors in most small robots aren’t very picky about their power source

2317359812_d0c2aeb4f7slap a hurking battery on the frame and your motors will do the rest. But your microcontroller (MCU) needs a much better power supply if you want decent performance. Here are some tips to keep your ‘bot and its brain happy. First, pick the right battery. For larger machines, where the battery is usually set deep inside the robot’s guts, choose a lead-acid gel-cell battery. They are cheap on the surplus market, take plenty of recharge cycles, and provide a fairly good power to weight ratio. Continue reading