The robots push the door of the house to assemble themselves or humanoid capable of recognizing faces, a new generation of robots happens, more and more domesticated. They walk, talk, recognize faces and become more sociable. Gone is the dream of science fiction: the robots have become reality and begin to integrate our daily lives. In factories, they perform technical tasks and at home, they want to keep us company or help us with household chores. Even if not all aspects of humanoids Hollywood. “The robot is in a situation comparable to that of early computers,” said Jerome Damelincourt, store manager Rob polis specializes in robotics. We have no idea yet what it will be in twenty years when the first computers arrived, it was not invented Word or Excel, or video games, much less the Internet. The role will have the robot in a few years remains a mystery. One can imagine that help children do their homework, we will replace it for the work boring, or that fits in everyday objects such as television or appliances. Continue reading