Helping to man, the robot Care-O-bot does not look “humanly”

robotGerman robotostroiteli of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering and Automation, Fraunhofer in Stuttgart (Germany) continue to improve household robot Care-O-bot. The first robot of this model appeared in 1998. There is now a robot is already the third generation. In November, the exhibition IREX 2009 in Tokyo, he had himself no worse than the Asian counterparts. Continue reading

Humanoid robot Nao wants to be friends

kenseth.193Aldebaran Robotics is showcasing the skills of its pint-size humanoid robot Nao ahead of its planned mass market release in about a year.Nao is definitely one of the coolest humanoids around that stands a chance of making it into households as a real product. Aldebaran envisions it as “an autonomous family companion.” Continue reading

The Hitachi EMIEW2 Distingue Human Voices

Le Hitachi EMIEW2 Distingue Les Voix Humaines

The latest robot Hitachi, EMIEW2 is intelligent enough to differentiate between three human voices simultaneously through 14 microphones embedded in his head that provide voice recognition capabilities. To this end, the voice recognition is a separate audio source and recognition profile noise. The first focuses on the direction of the person speaking, allowing the EMIEW2 to know who he speaks with a distance of 2 meters, ignoring all other noises. The EMIEW2 is 80cm high and it is suitable for the job of receptionist:). It moves through a wheel after each leg, and he can climb stairs.