Performance Metrics and Test Arenas for Autonomous Mobile Robots

nist_arena_2000Reproducible and widely known challenges can help evolving fields by providing reference problems with measures of performance which allow researchers to compare implementations, communicate results, and leverage each other’s work. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) developed the Reference Test Arenas for Autonomous Mobile Robots to focus research efforts, provide direction, and accelerate the advancement of mobile robot capabilities. Continue reading

Accompany the banking center will be a robot

accompany the banking center will be a robotStatistics, according to Ilf and Petrov, knows everything. And if all the statistical data to load into memory robots, then all will know and the robot. Especially when it comes to such a serious institution as a bank. In Madrid the banking center of Santander’s Group City (Spain) robots serve both statisticians and guides. Continue reading

Mobile Robots for Research

imagesTrilobot mobile robot platform is used by educators and industry for a variety of tasks including research in artificial intelligence, navigation and security. Sensors include compass, tilt, light, temperature, ultrasonic ranging and bumpers. Programmed by the user’s laptop computer which communicates through the serial port using common programming languages such as C, Visual-Basic, Pascal and Prolog. High-speed radio modems are also available for communication to off-board computer systems.

All robots are born of a standard

Japanese researchers have developed a software platform open source to break the humanoid and simulation of all mechanical devices.

Accelerate research and development in robotics and allow the sharing of best ideas. It is the objective of OpenHRP3 (Open Architecture Human-Centered Robotics Platform 3), a new software package for the simulation of the various robots. The software is an improved version of Open HRP2, a technology platform earlier which was mainly for the simulation of humanoid and was distributed in binary. Issued in Open Source, Open HRP3 allows for its share of dynamic simulation and video machines as diverse as robot arms, mobile robots with wheels or humanoid robots. Open HRP3 allows for software travel planning, control of movements or visual feedback and many other operations.  Continue reading