The Micromouse Contest

The micromouse competition is to build a small mobile robot that can solve a standardised maze. The competition has been running for over 25 years and is popular in the UK, USA, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia and elsewhere. This “maze solving” contest was designed to challenge graduate electronic engineers. Continue reading

The succees of ASIMO

Honda take the opportunity in the development of the two-legged humanoid robot that can walk like humans. This Honda’s humanoid robots are small size, lightweight, and called Asimo (Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility), a robot revolution in the new era which robots have a style looks like a man when running.

One of the reasons Honda robot Asimo created in the past few years is to develop robots that can run itself, which help the human, as the practice of their use in the community. Research and development of robot Asimo began in 1996 with a prototype robot P2, and in 1997 in the format of P3 robot.

Asimo robots including the prototype of P3, which may be smooth and without a voice. With a high body Asimo about 120 cm eyes will be visible with the eye of the adults when adults sit in the chair. Asimo more lightweight than P3, the higher 40 cm and 87 kg more weight than the Asimo. With the weight of 43 kg, Asimo can operate household appliances, to reach the door knob, dance, and run the household tasks.

Asimo robot has a walk Advanced Technology which is able to estimate and control the movement in accordance with the direction of gravity, combined with the control that is already running, namely, technology iWalk (intelligent real-time, flexible walking). A combination of both technologies can change the direction of the fine, so it looks natural and stable as human beings. Operation of the robot using the method to Simple Operation, smoothing the way for the robots, control run which are flexible, and key operations (from the signal of movement and wave hands), which can be operated from portable workstation or control, which was installed in the hand. Expansion of distance movement Asimo can be done by adding a movement of shoulder angle around 20 degrees and high angle of about 15 degrees horizontally, the upper arm vertical movement of 105 degrees, far wider than the P3 robot.

The following are specifications of Asimo robot from Honda:

* Weight: 43kg
* Height: 1.200 mm
* Thickness: 440mm
* Length: 450mm
* Speed run: 0 – 1.6km / h
* Degrees of freedom movement of the head: 2 degrees
* Degrees freedom of movement of arms: 5 x 2 = 10 degrees
* Degrees of freedom of movement: 1 x 2 = 2 degrees
* Degrees of freedom footwork: 6 x 2 = 12 degrees
* Total freedom of movement degrees: 26 degrees
* Precursor robots: Servomotor + + Decelerator Harmonic Drive ECU
* Checker: walk / Operation Control ECU, ECU Wireless Transmission Sensor
* Sensor feet: 6-axis
* Sensor body: Gyroscope & Deceleration
* Source of energy: 38.4V/10AH (Ni-MN)
* Operation: Work Station & Portable Controller
* Excess robot Asimo:
o Small and lightweight
o walk Technology advanced
o a broad movement of arms
o Design a people-friendly
o How operation is easy