Halluc II, a robotic vehicle with eight wheels

Researchers at Chiba Institute of Technology, unveiled a prototype of Halluc II project, a robotic vehicle with eight wheels and legs designed to drive or walk over rugged terrain. You can move sideways, turn in place and drive or walk on a wide range of obstacles. The researchers hope is that the capabilities of the robot help with rescue operations, and also consider Halluc II technology for use in transporting mobility-impaired.

The operator can put Halluc II in one of three modes depending on the field: Type of vehicle, insect or animal. In vehicle mode, Halluc II with eight driving wheels, but as it moves over uneven surfaces, each leg moves up or down. In insect mode, Halluc II does not use wheels, instead, walk with insect, with your legs extended outward from the phone. The way animal Halluc II keeps her legs directly under himself while walking, allowing it to move through tight spaces. With wireless capabilities, a system of cameras and sensors that monitor the distance to potential obstacles, constantly Halluc II determines which is the best possible way to adjust the position of its legs and wheels. Continue reading