Urbi: a universal operating system for robots

A company that specializes in software (or software application is a set of programs, which allows a computer or a computer system …) for the general public robotics is to provide an operating system (OS) universal for robots. Currently the OS developed by the company Gostai, “Urbi” make compatible more than 16 robots on the market. It is anticipated that its architecture (architecture, a term derived from the Latin architectura, derived from the Greek word …) applications remotely GostaiNet now available in the field of telepresence, evolving into entertainment and family applications in the course of 2009.

Services compatible with all robotic robots
Gostai, startup that specializes in software for robotics general public, presented on 14 January its new technology (The word has two meanings technology partner:) GostaiNet. With GostaiNet, the company now plans to offer subscription access to remote applications running on any robot market. A mobile platform equipped with a simple camera (The term camera comes from the Latin: bedroom, room for photography. It means a camera …), a microphone / speaker and a wireless connection sufficient.

These applications can run remotely on powerful servers robotic behaviors involving advanced capabilities of vision, speech (The speech is embodied language. That is the act of a subject. If the language refers to the concept of code ,…) and artificial intelligence, and on any compatible robot, regardless of its capacity and its embedded processor, in particular robots low cost. The intelligence of the robot is no longer in the robot, but executed remotely. Continue reading