Asimo first visit to Austria

Quelle: HelmreichHuman Honda’s Asimo robot equipped now his first visit to Austria. On stage, he showed polite bow to his ability, ran, presented before an enthusiastic audience to dance and climbed treppauf-treppab.Im under the spectacular presentation of the new Civics with guest star Kim Wilde also visited Honda’s Asimo robot Human Austria first visited . With a stage presence showed the latest Asimo under the moderation of the German synchronous voice of Harrison Ford, Wolfgang Pampel, his amazing skill and stole the four-Hauptakteuer the evening the show. The 1.30 meter tall and 54 kilograms heavy robot made of plastic, steel and silicon hoppelte with six km / h along the stage, erklomm a staircase, a short dance, and had the enthusiastic audience at the Salzburg airport by a glance the robot own eyes werfen. Continue reading