Above all this jumping robot ROPID

robot6Japanese company Robo Garage, which is sponsored by the University of Kyoto, introduced on Tuesday (27.10.09) its latest development – a cute robot ROPID. The main achievement of the robot, which he was “pleased” the crowd showed journalists – the ability to jump and land on his feet! Height ROPIDa is 38 centimeters, weight – 1,6 kg. Continue reading

Avicenna was a robot, and spoke in Arabic

robot6In the Laboratory of Information Technologies of the University of Al-Ain (United Arab Emirates) has appeared the world’s first robot that spoke Arabic. More than a year a group of researchers, including university students, worked on the creation of this unique in its kind of mechanism. The appearance of the robot given it is in the spirit of the ancient and wise of the East. Continue reading

Lego robot solves the puzzle

robot5Swedish programmer, Hans Andersson, used Lego Mindstorms NXT kit to develop a robot that can solve Sudoku Puzzles (Sudoko).

The robot uses an optical sensor to scan the puzzle. First performs a quick scan to determine which cells are empty. There have been empty squares and figures, then the robot moves slowly forward for scanning a new line. Continue reading

For robotic wheelchair laser sight

robot6The rehabilitation center city Allentown (USA, Pennsylvania) pass tests robotic wheelchair, which can independently get to any place within the city. Developers dump in this autonomous robot laser sensors and video cameras. Using three-dimensional maps and images of the urban environment, man enough to point the remote control location where you need to get. Continue reading

Represents the robot danger for journalists

robot5There is a saying “a journalistic cliche. This is when the material is based on a scheme of which are old nauseam verbal expressions and verbal constructions. On the one hand it right and “win-win”, on the other – just bored. Obviously, it is by such methods using robot journalist, which are designed in the Laboratory of Computer Science of Intelligent Systems in Tokyo (ISI). Continue reading