Honda robot can jog creates only a speed of three kilometers per hour .
Japan’s third largest car manufacturer now presented an improved version of its humanoid robot. Honda According to the first truly Asimo walking robot. However, the steps are still small, so that Asimo trippelt something and do not have a speed of three kilometers per hour hinauskommt. The real challenge in the development of a walking robot, according to Honda engineers is to ensure that the 1.30 Meter and 54 kilograms heavy Humanoid also the abandonment of ground holds equal weight. Because step over the short term, both legs in the air. The electronics giant Sony had a year ago also presented a robot, for a brief moment with both feet leave the ground. The movements of the so-called Qrio resembled more of a hop, which linked to the fact that the robot after Abfedern the necessary power to go forward kick of the leg is missing. Continue reading