Wanna fun robot simulator? I recommend you download a robot simulator from Luiz Felipe Rudge Encarnacao. It includes an untethered mobile gripper with 5 degrees of movement in a 3-D room of objects and a toy airplane flying around in the same room. This is a Windows program that runs well on a Pentium and doesn’t lose its usefulness on a double speed 486. Continue reading

Humanoid robots more intelligent

Des robots humanoïdes encore plus intelligents In 2005, Honda launched its latest humanoid called Asimo. Since then, the Japanese manufacturer focuses on improving the intelligence of these robots. And it works.
The faculties of communication and autonomy of Asimo have increased. They are able to decide on the choice of their tasks and know when they must recharge their batteries. In communication with other Asimo present in the vicinity, the robots will divide the tasks, are experiencing levels of batteries each and share information on their future work. Continue reading