Spy Robot Snooper

Robot Espion Snooper

It seems that these days, technology has progressed to the point where it is quite normal to have tons of products spies. The Spy Robot Snooper is a little discreet manner. It can be put in position by being controlled remotely, capturing and transmitting sound in a radius of 45 meters. I suppose you can always hide somewhere in the closet or cabinet, or a more discreet alternative. The Spy Robot Snooper costs £ 39.99.

A robot controlled by a mold

Ce joli robot à six pattes s'éloigne systématiquement de la lumière. Pourtant, aucun programme ni aucun humain ne lui commande de la faire.

Through a rather simple equipment, a giant amoeba command the movements of a six-legged robot. Perspective: draw some manufacturing secrets that will one day be useful to robots.Quand the robot to six feet away from itself a source of light placed nearby, it does to any software or even a network Neural. The pilot is… a mold! More precisely Physique polycephalum, a strange organism in forests under the fusillades. This nice six-legged robot moves systematically light. However, no programme and no human would command him to do so.
This kind of yellowish giant amoeba, which is usually a few millimeters but may reach thirty centimeters, eats bacteria and small mushrooms. It has no legs and no body. All the cells were merged into a single plasmodia. Biologists rank among the myxomycetes, along with a few zoological curiosities hardly classifiable or plants or animals.
In short, this modest living being is nothing that can make it the ideal driver for a hexapod robot. Yet the role that made him played Klaus-Peter Zauner, Department of Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton (United Kingdom), in collaboration with a team from the University of Kobe, Japan. The driver, it’s him! This Schumacher Car hexapod is a kind of mold inform, moving like an amoeba. Continue reading