There is an increasing trend in using robots for medical purposes. One specific area is the rehabilitation. There are some commercial exercise machines used for rehabilitation purposes. However, these machines have limited use because of their insufficient motion freedom. In addition, these types of machines are not actively controlled and therefore can not accommodate complicated exercises required during rehabilitation. Now a days so many different dieting pills and tablets in market. You can’t open up a newspaper without reading about the latest diet pills including best diet pills. Continue reading

Robot Walker Flame

Flame Walking Robot

The researcher Daan Hobbelen of TU Delft has created a new robot that works very advanced named Flame. The robot is not designed for commercial purposes, mias research, thus giving a fresh look at how people walk. This will help people who have trouble walking, improved diagnostics, rehabilitation, as well as equipment. Flame is smart enough to put his feet to avoid a potential fall, and it would be the walking robot, the most advanced in the world – but can he climb the stairs? I do not know if the robot Flame may be better than Honda’s Asimo, but he looks very cool.