The robots create a trace that they will learn to follow

To better coordinate the movement of robots relative to each other, researchers have developed a system for predicting the direction of their leader based on its behavior.

Researchers in robotics from the University of California at Davis have developed a control system that allows the robots to collect evidence suggesting that their leader is about to turn, predict where it will go and therefore forward. “This is a fundamental problem in robotics,” says Sanjay Continue reading

The robot is the mirror of your emotions

Kismet, the robot head created by engineers at MIT already reproduced some human expressions. But the fact is that metal was not as successful an imitation of the human face as Jules, another robot head, but this time rubber. Developed by an American robotics, David Hanson and a team of robotics engineers in the University of Bristol, Jules is able to imitate the expressions of men who observe and movements of their lips. Continue reading

All robots are born of a standard

Japanese researchers have developed a software platform open source to break the humanoid and simulation of all mechanical devices.

Accelerate research and development in robotics and allow the sharing of best ideas. It is the objective of OpenHRP3 (Open Architecture Human-Centered Robotics Platform 3), a new software package for the simulation of the various robots. The software is an improved version of Open HRP2, a technology platform earlier which was mainly for the simulation of humanoid and was distributed in binary. Issued in Open Source, Open HRP3 allows for its share of dynamic simulation and video machines as diverse as robot arms, mobile robots with wheels or humanoid robots. Open HRP3 allows for software travel planning, control of movements or visual feedback and many other operations.  Continue reading

Roofus, the robot driving snow

The designer Michal Glogowski robot offers a 220 pounds which helps prevent the accumulation of snow on flat roofs to buildings. Appointed ROOFUS, this robot can be controlled either remotely or be completely autonomous. Blades placed in front of the hood allows it to collect the snow but also to break the ice that would be too strong. Once the container in which the robot stores the snow is full (it can store up to 250kg!) Continue reading

BR23C, the robot inspired Nissan bees

After Honda and Sony, it’s the turn of the Japanese manufacturer Nissan to get into robotics. Indeed, thanks to the Center of Advanced Technologies of the same firm (in collaboration with the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology at the University of Tokyo) BR23C that the robot was born. At first sight it is an ordinary robot, but it uses a detection system inspired by bees.  Continue reading

Twendy One helps people with mobility redite

Twendy One is a robot that was created by Waseda University in Tokyo and Professor Shigeki Sugano.
Although it seems quite small in the illustration, it still measure 1.50 meters and weighs 111kg.You might ask what is its purpose? Its mission is to help people with reduced mobility (disabled, elderly people …) at home. Indeed, it can be used to help a person get out of bed, getting up from a chair or out of a wheelchair.

It can even prepare breakfast since, with two hands, it is able to grasp an object as a sandwich, a drink or a plate without exerting too much pressure on this subject which is in contact with the sensors on the robot . Continue reading

Human-Robot Interaction in a log House

For thousands of years, wood is used for many types of buildings. The oldest log homes were nearly a thousand years. This type of construction has many advantages and techniques used are old and proven.

The average lifespan of a wooden house full (round or squared) is four to five centuries at least, some more than a thousand years and have crossed the centuries untreated fungal and insecticide. This is an excellent investment with a high resale value and above all through the time with less maintenance problems and a modern construction.

The construction of log home has unique features that are not found in other types of construction. First you have to design log home plan. You can use software for home plans. Continue reading

ReadyBot cleans the kitchen

It was all dreamed of having a robot that can do all the chores for us. Well for some, this is not dream but reality. Engineers and scientists in Silicon Valley have created a robot capable of cleaning the house. Whether to store dishes, to dust, water the plants or storing on your couch cousins, ReadyBot never stops. Currently, it carries a Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner but future versions will be able to clean the floor without recourse. Continue reading