PR 2 can take in rent-free

robotWe already wrote about robots PR 2, which creates an American company Willow Garage. These robots are on a mobile platform size of a human are designed to perform the simplest actions in various everyday situations. Groups of scientists from various universities in the U.S. are working to create software for robots. Continue reading

Robots → go to a restaurant

robotThe Japanese company Eager Co decided to check how well you can use the “communication” robots for promotional purposes. Within three days, January 9-11, 2010 in 18 restaurants in Osaka (Japan) robot ENON, specially developed by Fujitsu, will communicate with visitors. Among other things, researchers want to find out how important marketing robots use gestures to communicate with people – in order to attract attention. Continue reading

Korean teacher of English – robot VANI

robotAsian robots rush hard in school – especially for younger students and middle managers. Recently, we wrote about a Japanese robot NIT, specializing in teaching physics and mathematics. Now represents the robot VANI (Variety, Ability and Intimacy), established by the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST – Korea Institute of Science & Technology) in partnership with CTS (Creative Technical Services). Continue reading

Arabic robot is ready to compete with Japanese counterparts

robotUndoubtedly, the primacy in the world of robots keep Japan, South Korea and China. Nevertheless, the robot Reem-B, manufactured in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) may well compete with their Asian “brothers”. Company Pal technology together with the enterprise Icarus Technology are preparing to submit robot Reem-B for mass use in 2011. Continue reading

Robot already have than to digest and there than to chew


Originally, the custom, that a robot – it is an imitation of man. What really
surprised when scientists using robotic devices are trying to imitate human
organs. This is not about prostheses, namely the simulation of human organs for
medical research. Recent advances in this field – robotic jaw and … stomach

Preoccupied by the creation of a robot-gastric scientists of the Institute of
Food Research in Norwich. On the creation of a dynamic robot models of human
gastric they took about 10 years. The artificial stomach to help researchers
study the process of human digestion. In robotic stomach will be tested and new

Earlier in the summer of last year the public was provided with the development
of scientists from
University of Bristol. They managed to create a robotic model of human
masticatory apparatus. At the heart device is a three-dimensional model of the
oral cavity, equipped with mechanisms to six linear drives and imitators teeth.
The device accurately reproduces the human jaw movement and because of their

With these robotic jaws planned to experiment with new materials for the
dentist. Dentists calculated using robotic models of the jaws to stimulate
research in their field and, ultimately, make treatment of dental diseases more

So that progress in gradual robotic human organs can not be doubted. Robota has
got something to eat and even what there is to digest …


There is a chance to buy a robot arm and put his house


Robots have long earned a living space to assembly-line world automotive
industry. In recent years car production significantly affected by the financial
crisis. As a result – the restructuring of enterprises. American concern
Chrysler sold his old plant Delavara University (USA). And in February 2010,
University sells at auction equipment shops "Chrysler. Among other things, – 200
robot manipulators.

Of these, 181 robot brands Nachis, a couple of robots and ABB robots Fanuc. It
may well be interested in the auction small industrial enterprises are ready to
automate manufacturing processes. But individuals can buy a pair of industrial
robots. Why? For example, to arrange a ride to surfing without leaving home.