A Robot Baby talk

L'Université Apprend à Un Robot Bébé à Parler

It seems that a team of researchers at the University of Plymouth are currently working on a robot baby to look humanoid named iCub (it looks like the robots seen in the movie I, Robot). At a height of 1m, experts in robotics will work on the iCub for the next four years, with assistance from experts of language development in order to learn the robot to think and talk. Some research also include experiments on the iCub, including the insertion of objects of different shapes in the corresponding holes located on a box, as well as stacking blocks of wood. I wonder what will happen the day when a robot will be more intelligent than us …

World Cup football for robots

This year’s football World Cup “RoboCup” takes place in Germany from 14 to 20 June 2006. The competition generated by the “RoboCup” should encourage research in artificial intelligence and the robotique. In Indeed, this initiative “RoboCup is an excellent way to assess the progress made in robotics. For Ubbo Visser, organizer of the competition and a doctorate at the University of Bremen, football offers the best challenge to robotics: “it is a very dynamic situation where the systems must react to the thousandth of a second. robots work in real time, must be totally independent but must also cooperate with their partners. In addition, they are opposed to competitors who try to destroy their strategy. ” Continue reading