Alsok proposes a robot surveillance for employees

Société Alsok Robot Surveillance #1A surveillance robot will patrol the night in the offices of a Japanese company to hunt for employees who work too, announced the company Alsok, which specializes in private security and Japanese creative this colossus mounted on roulettes. The society Duskin , A Japanese firm to provide services at home and rental of equipment, is the first to the acquisition of the inspector cybernetics able to turn a company during the night to detect any anomalies. He can even take only a lift to explore all floors. This vigil “macaronis” last generation also knows locate offices in the presence of employees hours late and seek their identity. Continue reading

Robot surveillance WiFi WoWee

Rovio: robot de surveillance en WiFi de WoWee

Wowee unveiled its new WiFi webcam robot, which can be remotely using any device with Internet access: mobile phone, PC or video game console. Users can see what happens at home or at work through the camera integrated Rovio that stream video and audio transmitted by the robot. Including the intelligent navigation and positioning system North Star , Rovio moves alone with precision and can avoid obstacles on its way. We hope to see a live demonstration at CES. Continue reading