A robot for beginners but also for experts

ASURO is a small mobile robot fully programmable in C that was developed in a high school robotics in Germany.

For electronics experienced assembly is a breeze. For others, the experience of the weld is still required. With the exception of circuit boards, all components are standard commercially available.

The programming is done only with freeware. ASURO is ideal for technical enthusiasts who want to start circuits controlled by a processor, research projects, training courses or evening classes for adults.
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Kushiro College robot

Kushiro College robot, multi-foot zone, 24-foot robot Trilobita of centipede. And walking in the zone, it appears the penguins from Trilobita, making it a “major evolution of life” is appropriate for the robot. “Our robot is” cheap! Light! “Thorough目指SHIMASHITA selling energy conservation. A series of trial and error, so the two-legged robot penguin, I created to No. 1-10. No. 1 was a metal, low-cost, lightweight with the aim of the final six to take place from No. Do not use metal. materials, plastic panels and the ME. I picked up a few things that (laughs) “(people of Kushiro College). Much trouble is that two-legged robot, through the air but unfortunately in the middle of the Penguins, did not finish惜SHIKUMO. However, many walking to clear the zone, at the moment沸KI emerged cute penguin was leading in the national tournament this year. ● Electrical Engineering who has contributed to the low-power, low-cost lightweight Aimed at saving energy, the two-legged robot. It was used in motor control technology related to electrical engineering. “Motor control was important. For less power to operate a motor circuit, a combination of motors purchased from the manufacturer, the motor is made in the original. Compatible with every manufacturer I have not struggled to open a hole in the motor and gear炙RI in the gas burner, and welded組MI合WASEMASHITA “(people of Kushiro College). Motor purchased is not a cheap choice for most manufacturers. Also, to improve the durability of the motor, “forced to change gears metal gear resins,仕上GEMASHITA a very robust high torque motor high speed” and also telling us. HAKATTA a result of these low-power, low-cost motor, cutter and TSUKURERU just saw, most of it dressed in a low-cost robots. In some ways that you Kushiro College produced the first practical process. One of you that UKAGAIMASHITA future goals. “In the future, we就KITAI to work in the field of robotics in the medical robot. In particular, we want to support the development of robots that people with orthopedic disorders. Therefore, my life for electrical engineering is closely bound to be a lifetime. “

A Historic robotic Colosseum

ROBOKON greatest glory “ROBOKON Award” winning津山高専. The performance was deemed worthy of the award ROBOKON everyone. 得体question of what comes in multi-legged robot. Then, the humanoid robot that appears in the transformation performance, held a high pressure in the high bar! 惜SHIKUMO a round, but did not finish, its performance is a great venue we tingling. The crowd surpassed the Dutch just round one, the game was a special sight to see more (see the second round, was elected by the people in the survey with children at play by two teams). The very best high bar three straight times! The excitement of the venue during YARANU shark, like a real human nature as to show two-legged, beautiful finish. In addition, after finishing the three-point inverted, with a performance from a new bridge and起KI上GARI halls, this one was vying for the surge. “It tingling venue anywhere!” And, on the day, speaking to the aspirations pamphlet was distributed to the audience津山高専is showing us the ROBOKON truly historic performance. ● supported the phenomenal performance, motor control technology 津山高専everyone who showed the best performance, it was very true to the producer. “The biggest difficulty, and high bar but I walked two. And when you miss even a moment to bend the leg when the two-legged, as well as high pressure will not succeed. So much control the angle of the foot focusing on, spent a lot of effort in programming. ” We took a big weight that is involved in motor control technology and electrical engineering. “As to the actual programming, you can control the robot is on the motor. So,津山高専servo motor is used. Servo motor and the motor can be driven by specifying the angle , in the selection of HARAIMASHITA close attention. ” In addition, we use the code number, was also suffering the loss of large batteries. It also focused on battery power, so the electrical circuit. “I moved from three minutes. It was impossible if more time (laughs).” When asked about the factors ROBOKON Awards at the end, “the success of the robot, and representatives of the electric circuit, and we made it together representatives of the mechanical design. The pieces in this robot maker There also has been this year, with a success, “said He. “One day, ASIMO (ASIMO) draw, and the world’s fastest walking robot can be inverted TSUKURITAI three points,” He also confessed that dream.

A fantastic Robotics Competition

November 23, leaving the Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo on Sunday, “The 21st National High School Robotics Competition times against 2008 national convention idea” was held. Association of Electric Companies of the secretariat of the Academy of power, and agree with this convention, the dream stage of College Students “ROBOKON” sponsorship. For the success of the tournament and the spread of Electrical Engineering, has conducted various cooperation. The power is in the Academy as part of the students actually created a robot, “Electrical Engineering or have been utilized,” I heard about the theme of the story.

“College of the National Robotics Competition between ideas” and knowledge of issues of competition this year “ROBO-EVOLUTION major evolution of life” more, and will broadcast on television, Here are the summary of the tournament.


Power Academy who entertained the audience with a unique 5 robot team, “I helped do the Robot Engineering” were the subject of the interview. Together with the pattern of the day, we will introduce.

The team will be awarded to the best technologies and ideas in general terms “ROBOKON Award” and “Special Prize” award.

Wonderful time in an amazing 38-second “victory.” Legue.

The two-legged humanoid robot “Technology Prize Award” has been out of the two crowns.

Innovative technology to control robots in the air “Special Prize” was awarded.

The performance of the penguins emerge from the egg-shaped robot trilobite, we place great tingling.

the mechanical robot from space

It is equipped with sensors and socket wrenches. His mission: to work on the outer part of the International Space Station. In a perfect autonomy. Dextre is the work of the Canadian Space Agency. Behind his small name, which speaks volumes about his dexterity, lies a more technical name: Special Purpose Dexterous Manipulator. The robot is part of the trip that must be carried out, this week, the American shuttle Endeavour to the International Space Station (ISS). It is the third and last part of a mobile maintenance module whose mounting started in 2001. Assigned to maintenance tasks outside the ISS, Dextre avoid astronauts to carry out dangerous sorties to carry out repairs to weightlessness, about 400 km altitude. All the details in the images on News.com.

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The Robotic GraffitiWriter

GraffitiWriter is a tele-operated field programmable robot which employs a custom built array of spray cans to write linear text messages on the ground at a rate of 15 kilometers per hour. The printing process is similar to that of a dot matrix printer. GraffitiWriter can be deployed in any highly controlled space or public event from a remote location.
The Robotic GraffitiWriter (GW) was developed in response to the need for a high speed, teleoperated, portable platform that operates beyond the line of sight (BLOS) to disseminate content in the unsanctioned adversarial dynamic urban environment.


11 to 13 held at the Pacifico Yokohama, Japan, robot-themed exhibition of “ROBO_JAPAN 2008”. The exhibition and demonstration booths, the event was held on stage, 11-12 on Sunday is the highest peak of the fighting robots in “14th ROBO-ONE” is being held in three days 55,696 mobilized.

The ROBO-ONE 14 times, especially in the final 12 days, because of the long weekend that China and Japan, ROBO-ONE ring around the stage is a great crowd. Journalist with more than 180cm in height, not high and that we were shooting with a camera and GENAI.

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Honda’s ASIMO, the emergence of giant New Year parade in the U.S. …

Honda in January 2009 an American being held in Los Angeles Sunday morning from the “Rose Parade”, a giant said it’s ASIMO participate.

ROZUPAREDO at the Los Angeles suburb of Pasadena, one of the typical New Year’s events in the United States. The 2009 has a long history of 120 years. The parade of “floating” appearance. And the float is a large truck, like the floats of the festival in Japan. 2009 float of the humanoid robots, Honda’s ASIMO, the motif.
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ROBOKON greatest glory “ROBOKON Award” winning.

ROBOKON greatest glory “ROBOKON Award” winning. The performance was deemed worthy of the award ROBOKON everyone. question of what comes in multi-legged robot.

Then, the humanoid robot that appears in the transformation performance, held a high pressure in the high bar! SHIKUMO a round, but did not finish, its performance is a great venue we tingling.

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ASIMO comparable Advanced motor control

Gifu College is one of the first round, started in surprise. Gifu College of ASIMO is a robot created as a reference, not the opponent, it’s ASIMO is the expansion of the confrontation. The events of the audience was delighted surprise.
So I ask about ASIMO, “ASIMO has consciousness, rather it looks. And the sight of walking tall and has imitated, our technology is the original TE. Of course, you can play together I sincerely delighted or the “People’s College is a very telling and Gifu. Comments like that filled with confidence, the performance of the competition was great ASIMO comparable.

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