The android built by Honda shows in Barcelona their new skills.

352457_2It’s almost a little person. The robot Asimo, in which the automaker Honda wanted to show the world who could play “a complete and functional mobility,” showed yesterday for the first time in Europe that runs faster, speaking, serves coffee, is capable of shaking hands and that he can stop without therefore crash. More than many humans. However, one must be trained to talk with him say things very clear and let him know the intentions. And if not, let them ask the mayor of Barcelona, Jordi Hereu, who yesterday stood with his hand in the air awaiting the response of the robot when he helped to inaugurate the second Conference on Robotics. And is that Asimo, despite its progress, has limitations for assessing a situation, but once entered can matter politely admonish the speaker if you think this time is exceeded hold your greeting.

Proof Tray
So the robot, even though it was time employee at the headquarters of Honda in Japan as a friendly and efficient receptionist, crude would still find a job in the world of humans, if only to serve those cafes that with such skill its creators have managed to bring in a tray, which transports and leaves a smooth table. A daily gesture of humans do not stop to think about their complexity: acknowledge the environment, and move around obstacles, assessing the strength to bear weight, perform vertical movements and find a place to deposit the load. All this is possible because the new Asimo has used his fingers and thumbs like humans, to grasp objects. And many new sensors.
“We must improve decision making, the autonomy of behavior and how it works together,” said Edgar Korner, president of Honda Research Institute Europe. That is, make it more efficient. For scientists, he said, have been able to reproduce human mobility, with actions such as climbing stairs, or spinning while running without stop, but have not yet managed to convey the resolution and emotions. “Intelligence-type has a brain, but we to understand how the brain works to reproduce the architecture of control, “says Korner.

So far, this android backpack that measures 1.30 meters and weighs 54 kilos, makes his first steps as a player, with a perfect style. For those who want to check today, and free sessions are open to the public, but to see it is to travel to the Biomedical Research Park of Barcelona.

The robot can read the minds of human beings

asimo2If you’ve seen the movie then I’ll understand this mechanism, a mechanism that face the thought of humans boob need no brain implant. This news makes us think that jailbird fiction are becoming reality more closely. Japanese firms Honda and Shimadzu: The Brain-Machine Interface (Brain-Machine Interface or BMI), have created a mechanism jailbird for the first time the user can give orders to a mechanism thought only jailbird

Asimo, the humanoid mechanism is capable of scorn until four orders issued by the human mind, involving four different movements: mastermind the left, right, both feet or mouth. But developers hope can be expanded in future applications. The engineers responsible for this breakthrough technology that brain patterns were performed in 90.6%
It is the first time it reaches a high success rate discolour, according to engineers from the Japanese manufacturer who recalled that until now the most that epoch there had been a 66% accuracy. Science takes decades after the dream of connecting the human brain to machines, mainly maternity patients relieve paralysis jailbird.
But unlike other medical technologies, jailbird that device is not necessary to set any device on the head of the person who gives the orders, they said.
“This could revolutionize the world of neuroscience”, issued Yasuhisa Arai, administrator for research and development (R & D) Honda and BMI responsible for developing the technology by the manufacturer Shimadzu. The technology has two key points: a device for extracting information from the brain and, according to engineers is the hardest part, the identification of different brain patterns and maternity Honda this step first used a combination of technology of EEG (electroencephalogram), which measures changes in electrical impulses from the brain, and NIRS (Near Infrared Spectroscopy), which calibrates jailbird changes in blood flow.
That is no longer necessary for the subject to move or receive special training. The device is also portable and jailbird mechanism which is experiencing.

Asimo, Honda’s robot humanoid Brain

robot-asimo-honda02-300x225There are different kinds of robots, including humanoids which are for instance those who left us watching the movie “Robocop” or to deliver a more everyday example, the robot Asimo from Honda. As can be seen in the first graph of this article, the Asimo was changing as the technology of artificial intelligence was giving way to the opportunity to improve the conditions under which these machines could perform both basic functions like walking, lifting hands, moving his head, etc., up to complete much more complex operations such as jumping, walking, and say a few words.

The robot Asimo from Honda, which stands for A dvanced S tep in I nnovate Mo bility, has among its main features being built entirely in a way that can bend and do all the typical movements of human beings, through their embedding within overall system of a computer-brain which is controlled by remote control. This device also controls the charging party robot, so you can have more time for action without a massive waste of energy used for mobilization of the humanoid, thereby allowing an action which is much more controlled.

Asimo from Honda can walk at a speed of 3 km / h run twice, almost imitating the movements of a child who is just starting to take its first steps. The integrated system coordination Asimo similarly lets do simple tasks with their mechanical arms such as carrying trays to use small items like keys and even bend some things to organize them. To make a little reference to mobility, Asimo is also able to rotate, completing laps around its axis which is located in the ring.

A battery pack is charged to provide fuel for this likeable character, he’s an increasing feeling that occurs in public. The advantages that can provide the robot Asimo in the future are quite striking, for example, widespread service customer service in all types of organizations as being observed, the possibility of being used in rescue maneuvers, no doubt a valuable toy teaching in many kindergartens, as “virtual teacher” for new models of education and why not, the study of motion in bodies.

ASIMO Birthday Party 2nd November 2009

EC108305Honda engineering team started to research and development of the biped humanoid robot, representing a unique approach to the Challenge of Mobility, as follow-up to the existing technologies such as the development of two and four wheeled vehicles and product application of general purpose as power products.
The basic concept the Honda engineering team tried to build was the robot should be like in human society and began on the new technology for the home usage. “As a result of continuous research, the design team concluded that the robot had to be capable of performing functions such as moving through furnished rooms and going up and down stairs, and focus on the “biped mobile function” that correspond to the basics of human mobility.
The design team decided that the robot should employ biped mobility technology to make it compatible with most type of terrain including very rough surfaces, setting their sigh high, Honda engineers, thus accumulated innovative technologies for an “autonomous biped robot” which was considered far from realistic that time.
A number of technical challenges have been aimed at one goal, to make a new type of robot that would be used in daily life.Honda will continue to take on the challenge also into the future, to offer a new dimension in mobility by creating a robot that can coexist and cooperate with humans and ultimately benefit society.”

ASIMO is the humanoid robot which is created by Honda Motor at Honda’s Research & Development Wako Fundamental Technical Research Center in Japan. His name in full is “Advanced Step in Innovative MObility”
ASIMO Apearance:
– Height = 130cm
– Weight = 54kg
– Width= 45 cm
– Depth= 37 cm
– Battery= Lithium Ion 51.8 V/ 6 kg 3 hours to fully charge. It located as ASIMO’s backpack

His Ability:
– Walking speed= 2.7km/hr
– Walking speed while carry thing weight 1kg= 1.6km/hr
– Running speed= 6km/hr
– Cycle Running speed= 5km/hr
– Grasp objects
– Degrees of freedom= 34 (three in the head, seven in each arm, two in each hand, one in the torso, six in each leg)

Technology for his Recognition:
– Moved objects Recognition: ASIMO can detect the moved objects by using the camera in his head. With this ability he can follow a person, or greet a person when they approach.- Postures and gestures Recognition: ASIMO can react to and be directed by the natural movements of human beings. This enables him to react what people is making a gesture infront of him. For example, he can recognize when somebody raise hand to shake hand with him or when somebody waves and he will respond by waving to them accordingly.
– Recognition of Environment: ASIMO can recognize the objects and terrain of his environment for his safety and the human nearby him. Such as, recognizing stairs. And stop walking and then start by avoid hitting humans or other moving objects.
Sounds Distinguishition: ASIMO can identify the source of sounds, and he can distinguish between voices and other sounds. When soneone calls his name, he can respond to, and he also can face to people when being spoken to, Moreover, he can also respond to questions, by nodding his head, a shake of the head.
– Face Recognition: ASIMO can recognize faces. He can recognize individually around 10 different faces. Once they are registered he can address them by name.