Numents, AI nearest human brain

NuPIC is based on a new architecture called hierarchical temporal memory (Hierarchical Temporal Memory, or HTM). Jeff Hawkins explained the biological basis of HTM in his book “On Intelligence”, published in 2004. Briefly, HTM technology establishes models of the world in a hierarchical architecture using spatio-temporal memory, similar to how information is learned and stored in the neocortex. Continue reading

Robots invent a language

The EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) has been decidedly not to speak of it, in terms of robotics. A team of Swiss researchers consist of robotics Dario Floreano, Sara Mitri, Stéphane Magnenat and Laurent Keller of the Biologist, has developed a simulation composed of virtual robots that can understand what factors determine how communication occurs in the evolution of social organizations. Continue reading

A robot priest in South Korea

DAEJEON, South Korea (AFP) – Last Sunday, a robot played master of ceremonies wedding in South Korea. According to its creators, is a world first. The robot has celebrated the wedding of Seok Gyeong-Jae, one of the engineers who participated in its design and wife in the city of Daejeon 130 kilometers south of Seoul. Continue reading