The Latest Upgrade Of Asimo

Multiple cooperative and continuous service to provide the necessary intelligence to develop new technology. This technology allows multiple people and the environment is ASIMO, a series of multiple ASIMO can provide services to enable the coexistence of humans and the environment are a steppractical use.
ASIMO is depending on the movement of people step back and to let people, or just, including the movement of technology, intelligence, to receive instructions for carrying the tray and push trolleys to the work of intelligence and technology, To develop Moreover, ASIMO get low battery charge and the automatic also features the development.
ASIMO several of these functions, depending on the situation of working to divide the unity that is charging more to provide the service, such as ASIMO, ASIMO cooperation with each other and continuously work to achieve a comprehensive system. .
Several networking ASIMO can work ASIMO each state to share their ASIMO is the most efficient work-sharing ratio of the collaboration.

Toyota robot can play violin

In the science-fiction films Terminator 1-3 with Arnold Schwarzenegger and I, Robot with Will Smith was shown the audience, which allows us to develop humanoid robots can bring. In the Terminator films independent of the machines and try to destroy mankind. In the movie I, Robot, however, the robots are helping the human beings. Everywhere you can find them there, in the household, on the street, in the train, etc. Similar probably had visions of the Japanese car company Toyota, as it is consistent with the development of humanoid robots began. In a presentation in Tokyo showed the company is now a 1.52-metre human-robot, based on a real violin a piece of “Pomp and Circumstance” played. Here he moved his body in a wheelchair Rhythmus. Also on two wheels presented the company. Continue reading

One skin to provide flexible robots sense of touch

De la peau pour les robotsThe robots experiencing emotions are a good topic of science fiction, and a Holy Grail for researchers intelligence artificially. Mais machines equipped with a different kind of feeling, the sense of touch, may emerge soon. The results of a new study represent a significant advance in this direction. Scientists have developed a flexible artificial skin sensitive to pressure and temperature.
Last year, Takao Someya of the University of Tokyo and his team have announced that they had developed an electronic artificial skin, ‘E-skin “capable of detecting the pressure. But he lacked their establishment’s ability to feel the heat and it was not flexible enough to adapt to three-dimensional surfaces such as robot fingers. Someya’s team has now corrected these deficiencies by integrating circuits organic transistors pressure-sensitive and semi-conductor sensitive to heat in a thin plastic sheet.
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Robot is present in many international research programmes the USA, most federal agencies support programs in robotics. For example, with NASA missions and Sojourner Martiennes, NSF whose various programmes display thematic Robea, mainly in the division CISE ($ 190M budget in 2001), or DARPA. Most American universities have teams and laboratories in the field (particularly those referenced on this site), like the Robotics Institute of Carnegie-Mellon University, which concentrates more than 200 researchers in 25 projects ranging from exploration or planetary polar driving. It should be pointed out effort R & D industrial robotics in the USA. Thus the work of CMU develops and builds on the Robotics Consortium Pittsburgh.The Japan mobilizes ambitious projects in the field. The program launched in Humanoid Robot 98 (50 million over 5 years) is significant research efforts of this country, efforts that extend through activities of industrial R & D intensive (Sony, Honda, etc). Continue reading

Advanced Robotics Research

Scientists at the Honda Research Institute have recently released a demo video of their latest state of the art humanoid robot: MiniAsimo. The culmination of years of research in robotics, nano-technology and chemoastrophysrobology, MiniAsimo contains the same functionality as the original Asimo model, while standing a mere 1.5 inches tall.