Master class in the game of billiards on the robot PR2

robot PR2

The guys from California’s Willow Garage to have an interesting thing – they support a free robotehnicheskuyu Robot Operating System platform open source. As a final demonstration of ligament ROS and PR2 robot masters “taught” the last game of billiards.

Just a week developers were able to achieve good results – the robot safely play in the pool (American billiards) according to standard rules, without any discounts on the “silicon idol.” That is holding the cue in the same way as to keep a man, and hits exactly the positions from which would beat the living player. To assess the situation on the table, the robot uses a high resolution camera, the discriminating bright spots (read – billiard balls). Laser sensors to help locate boundaries PR2 table and define the pocket, and for the calculation of the physics of motion of the balls corresponds to a public set of libraries.

Of course, there is still work to do – sometimes “electronic player” rolls the white ball or hits at random, but often delivers the blows that the strength is not every man-lover. Watch the video: