The best techno surprises

honda_fcx_clarityFlexible displays and an underwater car, steering by the thought and the AGV, the first man and really driving the growth of solar energy, not to mention a plethora of robots. The exploits of the technology have not failed in 2008 …

If it runs quickly successes and new technology tracks of 2008, we can discern several areas particularly dynamic: the robot (as always), the micromechanisms (MEMS), the energy (including solar) and what might be called bionics. The now famous gecko’s feet to the birds, nature inspires more and more engineers, who have shown this year amazing prototypes. In the field of electronics is the sector screens probably the most advanced, with listings of flexible models or refund of relief. In the laboratory, the promise of MEMS (microelectromechanical systems) are increasing and are now well beyond the accelerometers which envhaissent music players, like the iPod.

Between the flying man (FusionMan), the ultrasonic car, flying or plunging and transmission of orders in thought, we find that technology often leads us to where we lead, sometimes, our dreams …

January 4: A flexible screen 14-inch color A few weeks after the announcement of the first PDA screen rollable, LG Philips LCD announced a model A4. And in color! This is currently a prototype, which will be presented January 7.

Mobile Robots for Research

imagesTrilobot mobile robot platform is used by educators and industry for a variety of tasks including research in artificial intelligence, navigation and security. Sensors include compass, tilt, light, temperature, ultrasonic ranging and bumpers. Programmed by the user’s laptop computer which communicates through the serial port using common programming languages such as C, Visual-Basic, Pascal and Prolog. High-speed radio modems are also available for communication to off-board computer systems.