Asimo, Honda’s robot humanoid Brain

robot-asimo-honda02-300x225There are different kinds of robots, including humanoids which are for instance those who left us watching the movie “Robocop” or to deliver a more everyday example, the robot Asimo from Honda. As can be seen in the first graph of this article, the Asimo was changing as the technology of artificial intelligence was giving way to the opportunity to improve the conditions under which these machines could perform both basic functions like walking, lifting hands, moving his head, etc., up to complete much more complex operations such as jumping, walking, and say a few words.

The robot Asimo from Honda, which stands for A dvanced S tep in I nnovate Mo bility, has among its main features being built entirely in a way that can bend and do all the typical movements of human beings, through their embedding within overall system of a computer-brain which is controlled by remote control. This device also controls the charging party robot, so you can have more time for action without a massive waste of energy used for mobilization of the humanoid, thereby allowing an action which is much more controlled.

Asimo from Honda can walk at a speed of 3 km / h run twice, almost imitating the movements of a child who is just starting to take its first steps. The integrated system coordination Asimo similarly lets do simple tasks with their mechanical arms such as carrying trays to use small items like keys and even bend some things to organize them. To make a little reference to mobility, Asimo is also able to rotate, completing laps around its axis which is located in the ring.

A battery pack is charged to provide fuel for this likeable character, he’s an increasing feeling that occurs in public. The advantages that can provide the robot Asimo in the future are quite striking, for example, widespread service customer service in all types of organizations as being observed, the possibility of being used in rescue maneuvers, no doubt a valuable toy teaching in many kindergartens, as “virtual teacher” for new models of education and why not, the study of motion in bodies.

Tomorrow, the robots will include your thoughts

Designed to assist humans in their daily ungrateful, Japanese robots will not wait so ordered them aloud to rid the table to get to work: suffice it to think and to act.

Researchers from the Japanese car manufacturer Honda, designer of humanoid robot Asimo, developed a technology that allows a human to partially control the biped, or on other machines, simply by pensée.Leur device “commands brain” is based on a new method for analyzing the brain activity, carried out through a big computer with a headset wrapped with various sensors. Continue reading

BR23C, the robot inspired Nissan bees

After Honda and Sony, it’s the turn of the Japanese manufacturer Nissan to get into robotics. Indeed, thanks to the Center of Advanced Technologies of the same firm (in collaboration with the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology at the University of Tokyo) BR23C that the robot was born. At first sight it is an ordinary robot, but it uses a detection system inspired by bees.  Continue reading

Asimo will read your mind

Honda is developing the future of robots revolution that will make them closer to us, the more skillful to communicate with us. Researchers have developed an interface that allows the individual to control simply Asimo just by thinking. The system, developed by Honda and ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories, uses an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Magnetic Resonance Imaging) to measure brain signals of the individual, then send them to Asimo that treats.

For example, the researcher pointed a finger of honor Asimo, then drew a V in space with his finger. Seconds later, Asimo has imitated. This system, widely discussed in Asimov’s work for other reasons (second foundation) could shortly becoming more complex, and thus enable the robot to analyze the lesser impact brain and why not send a discussion spaced between two parties for hundreds of miles of one

We are facing a major innovation in domestic robotics!

ASIMO – Honda’s latest generation of humanoid robot

ASIMOThe latest generation of Honda’s robot ASIMO humanoid gave Barcelona its European debut. Honda hopes that he could one day be so advanced that it is a real human assistance. The new ASIMO embodies several significant technological improvements over its predecessors, including a new, schnittigeres design, yet more fluid and quick movements and the ability of almost 6 km / h to run. The agile ASIMO has many other new capabilities in terms of its mobility and intelligence. Continue reading

Honda introduced the robot ASIMO 2

Honda Motor introduced the new version of Asimo, the humanoid robot. It may take the role of receptionist, bartender or companion. A man … uh robot to do everything.ImageHonda Motor, the third Japanese manufacturer of automobiles, had submitted its humanoid robot Asimo, at the Universal Exposition Aichi in Japan, an exhibition which ended on September 25 last.

Its mascot, high of just 130 cm and weighing just 54 kilos, was object of curiosity to the public. The robot then took care of administrative tasks, welcoming visitors, but also serve cocktails. Continue reading

Honda robot can jog creates only a speed of three kilometers per hour .
Japan’s third largest car manufacturer now presented an improved version of its humanoid robot. Honda According to the first truly Asimo walking robot. However, the steps are still small, so that Asimo trippelt something and do not have a speed of three kilometers per hour hinauskommt. The real challenge in the development of a walking robot, according to Honda engineers is to ensure that the 1.30 Meter and 54 kilograms heavy Humanoid also the abandonment of ground holds equal weight. Because step over the short term, both legs in the air. The electronics giant Sony had a year ago also presented a robot, for a brief moment with both feet leave the ground. The movements of the so-called Qrio resembled more of a hop, which linked to the fact that the robot after Abfedern the necessary power to go forward kick of the leg is missing. Continue reading

HONDA – progress as a challenge

Technology and motor sports since the company was founded by Soichiro Honda essential elements, not only in the products again, but also part of the Honda philosophy. The world’s largest engine manufacturer developed pioneering technology, the driving pleasure and everyday practicality combined. In the special exhibition at the Museum of Technology in Spryer Honda shows exhibits, which not only brand history, but also milestones of mobility on land and at sea represent. The highlight of the exhibition is the racing version of the Civic Hybrid, directly from this 24-hour race at the Unbarring for the exhibition. Continue reading

Honda Asimo at the University of Bielefeld

Asimo von HondaWith the success at the University of Excellence initiative is the cluster “Cognitive Interaction Technology” with an annual 6.5 million euros. In addition, the company decided the Honda humanoid Asimo robot two University for research on disposal. And these are really impressive technological Eisenstein. Before some time had ever been with us the luck in the world of robots and virtual reality with us at the University of Bielefeld station: the robot dog Aibo from Sony and opened the door to the virtual world technologies are called the CAVE you do not expect at a university, the inside looks at the shabby Unihalle as the abgewetzten jackets sociology students. Honda builds the case for the digital brain which is virtually the robot in “Cognitive Interaction Technology” cluster gets missed. Continue reading