For the first time have surgery on the heart using a radio-controlled robot.

Robot BallPUsing remote-controlled robots that perform complex surgical operations has some advantages, as well as for doctors and patients. This allows doctors to avoid physical exertion, fatigue and a more lengthy and complex operations. Continue reading

Robot BallP, balancing on the ball, it is impossible to blame.

Robot BallPJapanese researchers from the University of Tohoku Gakuin University published a new video, which provided them a new development, the robot BallP, Ball Inverted Pendulu, move around, balancing on a basketball ball. Thanks to accurate and fast control system the robot can carry a glass of water filled to the brim without spilling a drop of water. Continue reading

Quince – universal robot comes to “service” in Japanese rescue units.

universal robotUniversal Robots, to help emergency services during natural disasters and catastrophes, have repeatedly proven their effectiveness in carrying out rescue operations. Continue reading

The company Boston Dynamics publishes new videos of improved models of robots and Petman BigDog.

BostonThe company Boston Dynamics, specializing in the development of bipedal and quadruped robots, mainly for military use, published in the new service You Tube videos demonstrating the potential of new models walking robots Pitman and Big Dog which we have been told before. Continue reading

Robot HRP-2 Dishbot – Assistant to the home-all-trades.

Robot HRP-2 DishbotMost robots designed to help people in the household and the household, largely restricted to the functional and able to perform a small number of primitive actions. But the biggest dream is the dream that the robot will be able to completely replace the human in carrying out the daily routine household work. Continue reading

Development of robots endowed with self-consciousness

Self-robots and human consciousness – just different things. The main purpose of the development of robots endowed with self-consciousness, is to build systems capable of self-identified their unit to ensure the best possible adaptation to the environment functioning even in case of unforeseen changes in their own structure or parameters of the medium. Continue reading